Bayes learning, SpamAssassin, Novell NetMail and Copfilter


I use IPcop and Copfilter as my firewall/spam/email filtering gateway. Free and easy. Scales well.

I’ve had problems with Copfilter running the Bayesian learning for spam assassin; in short copfilter runs a wrapper script to call into

I found that the IMAP->message_to_file was just sitting waiting for input from the NetMail server I run. Simple fix; add a timeout to IMAP reads and increase the IMAP buffer size. This should let me get all of the body text for learning, and timeout on massive inline images.

I logged a bug and posted a fix to the script

my $imap = Mail::IMAPClient->new(
Server => ‘’,
User => ‘spamtrainer’,
Password => ‘longpassword’,
Debug => ‘1’,
#ezs edits
Timeout => ‘5’,
Buffer => ‘65536’,

Spam training is working perfectly now – Copfilter is eating its way through 3600 spam and about 6000 ham (non spam) messages.


A colleague from Novell moved to Collanos – I looked at their products – and it’s interesting.

The Collanos Workplace seems to fill several of my needs for working with my team:

– document sharing and management
– team task lists
– discussions
– cross platform

Most importantly – the model is peer-to-peer. That means that none of my ‘corporate data’ ever lives on someone elses server. That was one of the major downsides to using something like Backpack or Basecamp. (Cool – but kinda interesting from a risk and security angle).

By having this ‘built’ and in the web it also means I don’t have to build an internal server, manage it, keep it safe, back it up – and also use VPN to get data in and out of it.

Feedback soon. I’ve sent the team the data – we should be running in a couple of days.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10

Your Linux is ready
I just updated two servers in the office to SLES 10 – officially launched today.

Things have improved since the internal alpha and beta releases – no problems so far – and very good hardware detection.

I’m writing a document on installing WordPress on SLES 10 – I’ll have that out soon.

[Edit – SLES 10 and WordPress 2.0.3 are running nicely together in my tests. I’ll update the Evil ZEN Scientist blog server tonight and see where that gets me.]

This blog is now running on SLES 10 – woo!

# tail /etc/SuSE-release
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (i586)

ZENworks Podcasts

I recorded a series of podcasts today for the new Novell Communities site.

Usual delays – see posts below – but should be up and posted in mid-February.

Topics for discussion: ZENworks 7, ZENworks Asset Management, Patching and BrainShare 2006.



My sister is the Akela of a cub pack back home in England. She wanted something ‘on the web’ – she now has a blog and a website.

I looked at all sorts of options for building the website – it needed to be easy to use, minimal maintenance, good functionality – but also secure, not resource hungry and obviously run on Apache, PHP and MySQL.

I eventually selected Drupal.  It has an active developer community; the architecture and structure was logical; the security seems good. Best of all it’s easy enough for non-IT people to use.