Taking the ITIL v3 Managers bridge – some notes

Hopefully these notes will be useful for others; based on my experience of last weeks Bridging course and exam from The Art of Service in Brisbane. The Curriculum the curriculum is available from APM Group here I didn’t see any surprises in the exam – i.e. everything in the exam was described in the curriculum […]

ITIL v3 Managers bridge

I’m in Brisbane – at the end of day one of my ITIL v3 Managers bridge course. Phew. I’m tired. Just like the training for the v2 Managers Certificate last year (here, the exam here and results just before new year.) The training and exam are for the ITIL v3 Managers Certificate. That gives me […]

Strange world

I travelled wearing my black Ximian staff shirt; then I got stopped in the airport by a Gnome fanboy who told me that the Ximian Desktop rocked!

WordPress 2.3.2

Now live: http://wordpress.org/development/2007/12/wordpress-232/ Download from: http://wordpress.org/wordpress-2.3.2.zip http://wordpress.org/wordpress-2.3.2.tar.gz Works well so far.

ITIL v3 Foundation

I’m in Provo for a couple of days – sitting on an ITIL v3 Foundation course. The main reason – it’s a cheap and convenient way to sit the exam.. I can’t sit the electronic exam at Prometric in Utah until the New Year. If I was in London I could do it today. Strange […]

WordPress 2.3.1 and Windows Live Writer

Just a quick note; WordPress 2.3.1 adds support for WLW Keywords. Some nomenclature changes – tags to keywords; but it works just great. Here are the Keywords in WLW: … and the corresponding tags in WordPress:

Securing a WordPress blog

 I’ve been hosting a family blog and photo site for a good friend for over a year. They decided recently to ‘lock down’ the site and restrict access to both the blog and the photos to family and friends only. I spent some of yesterday doing this. I’ve extensively use WPG2 to integrate WordPress and […]

Blog backend updates

I’ve just updated most of the hosted blogs to WordPress 2.3 – so far so good. I need to update the integrated photo stuff to Gallery 2.2 as well – that’s going to be a lot more involved and needs some good planning and change control.

ITIL podcasts

Some great podcasts from Mark Haddad – an ITIL trainer. Here and also on this website. [Edit: Updated with correct download url]