Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate

The process and change control for the build/rebuild is pretty straight-forward now.

Updated the main archive server from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate. Looks great – some nice features – and it seems to be faster than the previous version.

Also this blog is hosted as a SUSE Linux web server running on top of Hyper-V on top of Windows Server 2012 RC. Performance is solid. No issues to date.

WordPress filesystem abstraction – and automatic updates

Way back in the not-so-distant past the only way to update WordPress was to download (wget/ftp) updates, plugins and themes, unpack them and perform the update/install.

It is possible to pull the latest builds from subversion – but that’s really focused on the core hacker.

New in WP 2.7 was the ability to update automatically.

There were a few challenges with this – permissions, PHP modules, various host implementations – but I found it generally quite successful.

I found a great FAQ here –

From the same author is a very cool plugin – core-control – it lets you enable and disable various transports – and shows the status of them.

Copfilter 0.84 beta 1


My IMAP patch got included in the latest update to Copfilter.


  • fix: fixes from various copfilter forum users (see the bugs section in the forum or
    CHANGELOG for the details), most important ones are mentioned below
  • fix: fix in cron.daily (it could hang) – thx DaPinky
  • fix: IMAP Buffer increase (it could hang) – thx evilzenscientist
  • fix: deleting a huge amount of mails from the spam quarantine is now possible – thx mdages
  • fix: proxsmtp/tmp could get filled up without removal of old files – thx Alevizos Dimitrios
  • new: ability to sort spam quarantine by columns (ex. by score level) – thx taurus

Nice to see my stuff make it 🙂 Officially “I don’t write code”


Back from BrainShare and the usual round of patching the internal boxes.

The firewall/spam server got a good round of updates. IPcop had two major updates. Also the CLAM anti-virus for the mail sweeper got updated to 0.90.1

There are also a stack of SLES 10 and Windows 2003 updates to test and install. Sigh. Windows 2003 SP2 is now live; I need to check it doesn’t make anything barf. SLES 10 just has the normal slew of packages.