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Too busy to blog?

I have got about six different blog posts I need to get posted in the next few days – I’m backlogged with ideas and comments from the last week or so. I wrote lots of draft posts – I will get them posted really soon.
That brings me onto the main subject of this post – what do you expect from articles on Cool Blogs?

Written at: Draper, UT

My personal manifesto is that these are my ‘PostIt Notes of ideas’ – that I share with you. Some are short and quickly written, some are longer pieces. I hope all are somewhat useful. (As an aside – I post my ‘other stuff’ on my personal blog..)

Corporate blogging seems to have split down the middle on this concept.

One one hand their are CXO blogs – like our own CTO Jeff Jaffe and CMO John Dragoon – who blog regularly – but who write longer posts. These are aimed at their peers – senior IT management, decision makers and CXOs.

On the other hand you have something like Cool Blogs – and most other technology sites – which give you a rich, condensed post with lots of information and tend to link to the source data and articles.

I like to think that as ‘geeks’ and ‘technologists’ we prefer the latter; we are all overloaded with information (24×7 email, web, news feeds, pagers, Blackberry..) – and we like our information short and sweet.

This concept comes full circle back to us – the Cool Bloggers – and what we write. You can tell that I don’t shut up. I blog here, on my family blog, on my personal blog – my ‘PostIt Note’ concept again. I’ve also found that blogging has let me get back into writing longer articles and documents again.
Please share your feedback. I’m not ‘too busy to blog’ – so long as it’s concise.

Written at: Draper, UT

Behind the scenes at Novell Open Audio

I blogged on Novell Cool Blogs about doing an interview at Novell Open Audio.

The email invitation looked a little like this:

From: openaudio openaudio
To: openaudio openaudio;  Martin Buckley;  Michael Douglas Pearson;  Ted Haeger
Date: 14/Jun/06
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Subject: ZENworks 7 SP1
Place: Podcast Studio, 8th floor behind the mens room

Prep and Interview

The Novell Open Audio Crew