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DirecTV, Tivo and HD

We bought a splendid HD TV a week or so ago – a Sony – very pleased with the quality.

I did the cable magic and got the DirecTV up to speed as well. I decided to go with the ‘old’ HR10-250 Tivo based DVR, rather than the newer MPEG4 non-Tivo DVR. Call it Tivo loyalty.

Nice to know that rather than the $400 we estimated for getting the work done; it cost me around $15 for the extra LNB for the satellite dish and about $20 for the good quality coax. Good job I can still crimp cables 😉

Middle is the new LNB Nice coax

Bayes learning, SpamAssassin, Novell NetMail and Copfilter


I use IPcop and Copfilter as my firewall/spam/email filtering gateway. Free and easy. Scales well.

I’ve had problems with Copfilter running the Bayesian learning for spam assassin; in short copfilter runs a wrapper script to call into

I found that the IMAP->message_to_file was just sitting waiting for input from the NetMail server I run. Simple fix; add a timeout to IMAP reads and increase the IMAP buffer size. This should let me get all of the body text for learning, and timeout on massive inline images.

I logged a bug and posted a fix to the script

my $imap = Mail::IMAPClient->new(
Server => ‘’,
User => ‘spamtrainer’,
Password => ‘longpassword’,
Debug => ‘1’,
#ezs edits
Timeout => ‘5’,
Buffer => ‘65536’,

Spam training is working perfectly now – Copfilter is eating its way through 3600 spam and about 6000 ham (non spam) messages.