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Citysearch and badly written content filtering

I use Citysearch to look for new and interesting places to eat and go out.

It won’t let me enter my location ‘Draper’ – it complains about ‘Inappropriate Content’:

Here’s my location:


Here’s the complaint:


Looking at the content all I can assume is that ‘Draper’ contains ‘rape’ – and that’s bad.

I hope they don’t extend the service to people living in Cockermouth or Scunthorpe.

Bike maintenance


I spent the evening getting the mountain bikes out of storage, servicing them, replacing two tyres, adjusting the gears and drivetrain – and finally testing them.

Phew! Hot and dirty. There was so much old oil and dirt in the chain. I spent a lot of time cleaning that and getting everything running well.
Hopefully we will get the chance to go for a ride tomorrow morning.

LDS Missionaries

LDS Missionaries

I’ve been travelling to Utah to work for about nine years now – first with Intel then with Novell; I’ve lived and worked in the state for nearly four years.

When I first visited one of my colleagues from the LANDesk team – a returned LDS missionary and LDS Bishop – told me that missionaries always wave if you sound your horn and wave when you drive past them.

That started a silly game. “Honking at Missionaries”. Don’t blame me. Blame a Bishop from Pleasant Grove, UT.

In the past nine years I’ve had fun honking at missionaries in Nottingham, London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester in the UK. Also in Auckland, New Zealand, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia – and in many places across the US.

Most fun is the high concentration in Utah itself. I always honk and wave; I’ve got a 100% hit rate on the return wave.

I’d be really interested to hear from any return-missionaries – is this part of the training at the MTC? Or are missionaries just ‘nice people’…

Disclaimer: I’m not LDS and this really was started by an LDS Bishop..

Save our Sauce

HP sauce. Food of the gods. Made in Birmingham for years.

Even my good friend Alan from Halifax, Nova Scotia loves it.

HP sauce. Perfect on sausages, greasy fry-ups, veggy burgers, chops – pretty much anything.

The company that bought out the HP brand are now threatening to move production; not to another site within the UK; but to Holland.

Not unsurprisingly there is uproar in Birmingham. Now there is even an online petition – I urge all HP sauce lovers to show their support.