BrainShare 2005 – Wednesday 23 March

Novell acquires Tally Systems..

One focus of my life for the last few months – the future ZENworks Asset Management.

Some coverage:

Acquisition Of Tally Shows Where Novell Wants To Go
Information Week – USA
… asset-management software maker Tally Systems Corp. in a move to strengthen Novell ZENworks. The acquisition of privately held Tally …

Novell Acquires Tally Systems, Unveils SLES 10 – Encino,CA,USA
… gathering, but today all eyes are on its next major upgrade of SuSE Linux Enterprise Server and an acquisition that will expand its Zenworks systems management …

Novell acquires firm to build up ZenWorks – USA
…Novell said Wednesday it has agreed to acquire privately held Tally Systems and combine that company’s administration tools

Novell tweaks management tools – USA
…Novell offered a peek at its forthcoming management products on Wednesday, including an inventory tool it’s gaining through a newly announced acquisition.

Novell to buy asset management company,10801,100573,00.html
Computerworld – USA
…Novell Inc. said today that it has agreed to acquire IT asset management company Tally Systems Corp. for an undisclosed sum in order to expand its ZENworks product line.

Novell to buy Tally Systems, bolster its ZENworks suite
The Salt Lake Tribune – USA
…In a move aimed at bolstering its ZENworks system management suite, Novell Inc. says it plans to buy Tally Systems Corp.

BrainShare 2005 – Tuesday 22 March

Urg. Early mornings. Up early for a 7 am partner breakfast. Roadmap, vision, feedback and comments from our reseller and channel partners.

The most common request – “give us early access to code” – we’re working on it right now.

Also gave my first session of the week – ZENworks Linux Management Best Practices – seems like this is the week of AV problems – one of the video feeds failed on me.

Writing this sitting in the tech lab with Naresh and Jose from the ZLM engineering team – talking about the keynote.

.. Later

It’s almost 9pm – and we’ve hopefully done the final run for the Wednesday Keynote.

BrainShare 2005 – Monday 21 March

The keynote was a success – our demos worked well and my photo even got on the official Novell press kit. We had a minor glitch with the AV feed – the word is that the splitter box power failed. Typical!

Scooter!Happy Demo!

Reports have it that the scooter was on one wheel as I cornered – it certainly felt as if I was about to run over a couple of Novell VPs 🙂 Nice to see the photos posted on

Much of the rest of the day spent giving press interviews – including Dave Kearns – then more preperation and rehearsal for the Wednesday keynote.

BrainShare 2005 – Sunday 20 March

Sunday morning – and I’m in Monday keynote rehersals. BrainShare is about to start.

I will be posting photos and comments from BrainShare during the week.

Demo HardwareKeynote Hall

Scooter PracticeDress Rehearsal

The scooter came plastered with a strong warning (clicky for big):


1. Read the all manual carefully before operations.
2. Easily slide forward brakingin high speed
3. Centerof gravity should be retrusive when downgrade.
4. Center of gravity should be retrusive when braking and riders are better to went down.
5. Center of gravity should be moving rightwards when turn righ t, and moveing leftwards when turn left.

It was a late night. Lots of rehearsals and testing for the keynote.

Downtown SLC looks great – lots of Novell BrainShare banners everywhere; it’s also starting to fill up with people.

Prestidigitation and BrainShare keynotes

Google it.

Demo building is fun 🙂

I’ve been locked in our PM war room all day building servers and demos with Mark Schouls – one of the smartest guys around when it comes to systems management.

As always the demos are being built on code so fresh you can still smell the paint. We’ve found some interesting things for our engineers to look at – and as always time is short.

I’ll add more as we get closer to the keynote demos.

ZENworks Linux Management – configuration, hints and tips

I posted a lot of the previously internal ZENworks Linux Management/Red Carpet Enterprise configuration documentation. I dated it for December 2004 – which was when I posted it internally at Novell. Some day I must go back and clean up the formatting – it’s a raw cut and paste from the ZENworks internal wiki.