Mind Mapping Software

We have both used various Mind Mapping Software in our various roles; I’ve used The Brain extensively since early 2000 and more recently been looking at Visual Mind With a switch to the Novell Linux Desktop I’ve had to re-evaluate the tools on offer; also working with maps across a team means that some level […]

Tally Systems – New Hampshire

My fourth visit to Lebanon, NH – and this time I can write about it! The Tally Systems offices are in Lebanon, New Hampshire; it’s very different from the locations of other Novell offices I’ve worked in (Cambridge MA, Waltham MA, Provo UT, San Jose CA, Bracknell UK etc) – the setting is pretty rural […]

Travelling via Chicago

I’ve learned from experience to avoid Chicago during the Winter months. Rain, snow, storms, ice.. they all add up to delays and misery. I’ve tried to route via Denver to make life easier. Yesterday I had no option but to fly via Chicago to make a connection to Manchester, NH. What should have been a […]

“Thought Leadership” – Open-minded, Passionate and Honest.

I’ve been hunting around for examples of teams blogging on specific areas of specialty. Most pointedly my search has been for online examples of the nebulous area – “Thought Leadership” Several CxO blogs promoting this – including Debbie Weil on CEO Thought Leadership: First, blogging is writing. That’s all it is. Good blogging is good […]

BrainShare 2005 – Thursday 24 March

Now the keynotes are over it’s back to the real business of BrainShare – meeting customers and teaching breakout sessions. I did two sessions today; as well as the ZENworks Customer Appreciation cocktail party.

Wednesday Keynote

The Wednesday keynote was incredible. We did a deep dive on all of the Identity Driven Computing pieces – including a really compelling demo of ZENworks managing the Novell Linux Desktop. We also did a sneak peek of the Tally Systems TS.Census product. Found some interesting commentary on the keynote: Bert Plat: Next followed a […]