ZENworks Asset Management – online demo


Post BrainShare and it’s back to real work!

Today Novell released the online demonstration of ZENworks Asset Management. This runs in Firefox or Internet Explorer – and lets you see the power of ZENworks Asset Management live – without having to install a single piece of code.

Take a look – and let us know what you think. We will be posting a ‘walk through script’ in the next day or so – that will let you get the most from your time online.

Written at: Draper, UT

BrainShare 2006 wrap up – and Novell Open Audio at BrainShare


It is the weekend after BrainShare – so I guess it’s going to be pretty slow for most of the Novell Cool Bloggers for a couple of days.

Personally – I had a great time this last week; running with some really entertaining and informative keynotes (Wednesday and Thursday), breakout sessions – as well as analyst and press events.

The highlight as always was meeting with customers and partners – you really are knowlegable, loyal – and remarkably well informed )

One final piece of BrainShare that I need to plug are the ‘from the show floor’ podcasts from Ted Haeger and Novell Open Audio. Take a look here at the list of current short podcasts – Ted and the team seemed to have got behind the scenes and talked to everyone at BrainShare.

Written at: Draper, UT

BrainShare 2006

BrainShare is over for another year.

I’m sitting having a beer with Alan Murray and listening to goth and alternative music at Murphy’s Bar in Salt Lake City. A fine way to wind down.

Written at: Murphy’s Bar, Salt Lake City, UT

Smart Windows Deployment


I have been working all week on a ZENworks lifecycle demo and session – part of this involves delivering a consistent Windows XP SP2 operating system to workstations, in an automated, hands-free manner. Certainly this toolkit has saved us days of time in building our demonstrations.
Part of the solution has seen us integrate the ENGL Imaging Toolkit into our demo; this allows the creation of a ‘universal image’ – it works well. In our demo we have a single 800MB Windows XP image that can be delivered to any type of hardware – Dell, IBM, HP, Lenovo, whitebox and even VMware.

The ENGL Imaging Toolkit has a great write-up in the current Novell Connection Magazine. Read it here.

[STOP PRESS – ENGL were awarded Novell EMEA Partner of the Year at BrainShare 2006 this week]

Written at: BrainShare 2006, Salt Lake City, UT

ZENworks and end-point security

A couple of announcements that may have slipped under the radar – two security partnerships at BrainShare:

SecureWave – providing removable device lockdown and security, application white and blacklisting – all tied in to Novell Identity
Third Brigade – providing a smart, small, host based intrusion detection system.

Press here from Third Brigade. I’ll add SecureWave when it hits the wire.

ZENworks, Identity and Access Management


I have been asked many times during Novell BrainShare for examples of how Novells Identity, Security and Access Management products will integrate with Novell ZENworks – our cross platform management solution.

One example I have been giving is that of a customer looking to deploy a new Line of Business application – typically a complex multi-tiered client-middleware-database infrastructure.

Written at: BrainShare 2006, Salt Lake City, UT

The non-Novell way of doing this is to deliver an application to the desktop; create user identities within the new application – and give the end user another login and password to remember. Certainly not a good experience for the user; and not cost effective for the enterprise.

Using Novell Identity Management solutions you see a very different story. ZENworks can deliver the client application components to the desktop – cleanly and consistently; Novell SecureLogin can enable Enterprise Single Sign-on to the application; and Novell Identity Manager can provision the correct users, their password and their credentials into the identity store for the application.

The differences are striking. Lowered costs of deployment, increased agility, less challenges for the helpdesk during deployment – and ultimately a simple experience for the user – just click on the application icon and it ‘just works’.

This is another real-world example of how Novell is integrating solutions – from security, access, identity and resource management.

Let me know how you are dealing with these challenges.

Written at: BrainShare 2006, Salt Lake City, UT