ZENworks Asset Management – online demo

Post BrainShare and it’s back to real work! Today Novell released the online demonstration of ZENworks Asset Management. This runs in Firefox or Internet Explorer – and lets you see the power of ZENworks Asset Management live – without having to install a single piece of code. Take a look – and let us know […]

Gaming on Linux

At Novell BrainShare we showed World of Warcraft running on Linux – it was one of the highlights of the relaxation zone! This is from TransGaming Technologies – I’ll need to look into this some more.

Novell Marketing Videos

– Another cool site to emerge at BrainShare 2006 is Novell Marketing Videos Featuring fun videos and customer showcases from the last few years – it’s a great site. [Kudos to Russ Dastrup and the team for getting these posted.] My favourite? Flying boy. Written at: BrainShare 2006, Salt Lake City, UT

Smart Windows Deployment

– I have been working all week on a ZENworks lifecycle demo and session – part of this involves delivering a consistent Windows XP SP2 operating system to workstations, in an automated, hands-free manner. Certainly this toolkit has saved us days of time in building our demonstrations. Part of the solution has seen us integrate […]

ZENworks and end-point security

A couple of announcements that may have slipped under the radar – two security partnerships at BrainShare: SecureWave – providing removable device lockdown and security, application white and blacklisting – all tied in to Novell Identity Third Brigade – providing a smart, small, host based intrusion detection system. Press here from Third Brigade. I’ll add […]

ZENworks, Identity and Access Management

– I have been asked many times during Novell BrainShare for examples of how Novells Identity, Security and Access Management products will integrate with Novell ZENworks – our cross platform management solution. One example I have been giving is that of a customer looking to deploy a new Line of Business application – typically a […]