The Dilbert archive

Everyone in IT knows that Dilbert works at their office. It’s so true of Novell. Here’s an online archive of ten years worth of Dilbert cartoons. Not searchable – but a wealth of fun.

Cool Blogs v 1.5

– We’re working on the next round of improvements to Cool Blogs – and we are looking for feedback. First we are looking to add ‘threaded comments’ – you know the kind of thing – nested comments so that relevant comments can be kept together. The second piece we are looking to add is ratings […]

Microsoft Windows Vista – part 2

– A short while ago I wrote about Windows Vista and some of the implications it has for organisations. Since then there have been several developments. At the start of May 2006 the analyst firm Gartner mooted that Vista will ship en masse in the second quarter of 2007 A research note released this week […]

Land Rover faults

The Land Rover is in the garage with “Low Coolant” and “Suspension Failure” messages. I’m sitting at the dealership – free wireless – and working. Land Rover of American Fork have great customer service; I just drove up this morning – and both parts causing the fault are being replaced – the coolant bottle and […]

More bloggers

My good friend Peter is now blogging. He’s one of the last people I thought I’d see join this trend.

TSA and shoes

Some have called the TSA “Americas Gestapo”. The shoe removal policy is certainly one area where they seem unaccountable, uncoordinated and when questioned undeniably rude. Here is the word from the TSA – full policy here. TSA Shoe Screening Policy You are not required to remove your shoes before you enter the walk-through metal detector. […]

Rip off Britain – London Heathrow Marriott

Hotels are expensive; hotel room minibars are the worst of the lot. However charging UKP2.50 for a standard can of Pepsi does seem excessive. Way over 400% markup. For US readers that’s a $5 can of Pepsi. Most US Marriott hotels have 24 hour vending; I can go get a can of Pepsi for maybe […]

WM 2006 (World Cup 2006)

Germany has gone football mad. (That’s soccer for those that don’t understand the subleties of the game). I’ve been in half a dozen cities this week – and everywhere is wall to wall World Cup merchandise and memorabilia. I got a nice world cup shirt in Trier today. I was listening to BFBS during my […]

“This tastes just like Miller Lite”

I am in a bar in the hotel in Duesseldorf. Three American gents drinking at the next table. They look at their small glasses of pils – and “This tastes just like Miller Lite”. Me and my big mouth, I got to use another legendary line: “Did they serve you a glass of chilled piss […]