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Ahead Nero 7

I’ve been using Nero for about seven years to burn CDs and more recently DVDs.

I upgraded online to Nero 7 on Sunday; I paid by PayPal. I expected a serial number ‘within 24 hours’ – sadly disappointed.

I emailed the support line – nothing. The US support – nothing.

I’ve watched the spam filters like a hawk – nothing so far.

I eventually called into the US sales line – with a 15 minute hold – and eventually got the serial number mailed to me from the sales person.

Not good service this time around. The reason given was ‘we are busy’.

The World is Flat

I read The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman a while ago. In it he describes how technology and supply chain improvements are changing the world.

Here’s my example.

Yesterday I ordered a red iPod Nano, with personalised engraving from Apple. It’s a present for Grania.

Today it has been shipped. From Shenzhen in China:

FedEx and Apple delivering my iPod within days. Now that would not have happened ten years ago.

Land Rover faults

The Land Rover is in the garage with “Low Coolant” and “Suspension Failure” messages.

I’m sitting at the dealership – free wireless – and working.

Land Rover of American Fork have great customer service; I just drove up this morning – and both parts causing the fault are being replaced – the coolant bottle and sensor and the suspension airpump. All under warranty, with no appointment and no hassle.

Rip off Britain – London Heathrow Marriott

Hotels are expensive; hotel room minibars are the worst of the lot.

However charging UKP2.50 for a standard can of Pepsi does seem excessive. Way over 400% markup. For US readers that’s a $5 can of Pepsi.

Most US Marriott hotels have 24 hour vending; I can go get a can of Pepsi for maybe $0.75.

The London Heathrow Marriott gets this trips award for the biggest ripoff.