Off to China

Tomorrow morning I’m heading off early for a week in Beijing, China. It’s the first time for me; and to be honest the first time I’ve travelled anywhere where I really don’t have any ability to speak some basic local language and read my way around.

I downloaded a Rapid Mandarin course by Earworms from Audible – and I at least know some phrases. (Well – it’s another language I can order beer and coffee in ..)

Hopefully internet won’t be too shoddy during the week – I’ll be there with Laurence so I’ll make sure we post some pics.

Slow blogging

I spend a few days catching up on posting video to my family and home blog instead 😉 No posts for a week or two.

LinkedIn – another corporate barometer

I’ve blogged about LinkedIn many times in the past couple of years.

One thing that never fails is using LinkedIn to track the internal barometer of an organisation. It can even be used to track an individuals thoughts about a place.

A simple example.

Let’s say that you see a connection who has been somewhat dormant in the past few months suddenly start adding connections like crazy and writing and getting recommendations.

Maybe they got organised and started working on their LinkedIn profile; just as likely is they are fishing around for a new role and want to polish up the profile.

I’ve noticed about a 70-80% correlation on this in the last year; profile gets refreshed and updated; a few months later people move on.

Let me know your views.

Deja vu.. or the 48 hour Friday

Get up at 0400 Friday; final glance at email, get ready, check out and head to Changi Airport in Singapore.

Check in, security and a spot of shopping. Ready to board and depart ontime at 0655 local time.

Fly from Singapore to Hong Kong.

More security, more shopping, spend some time in the United Airlines Lounge. Board and depart ontime for 1240 departure local time.

Fly from Hong Hong to San Francisco. About four hours into the flight we cross the International Date Line.

Crossing the International Date Line

Arrive in a foggy San Francisco an hour early – at around 0730 – Friday morning. Miss the early flight to SLC.

More security. No shopping. Collapse in the United Lounge. Get on my flight for Salt Lake City ontime at 1100.

Arrive home at just after 1300. Still Friday.

Visual Complexity

Another sidebar to the release of ZENworks Pulsar.

The management console is moving from the tree-based heirarchical view of directory objects to becoming a much flatter, much more filtered task-centric view of objects.

A lot of discussion took place in the last couple of years internally to get the metaphors and behaviour just right.

The aside – take a look at Visual Complexity. Hundreds of examples of mapping and modelling then displaying very complex data.

It has everything from transport mapping to systems management: