Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate

The process and change control for the build/rebuild is pretty straight-forward now. Updated the main archive server from Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate. Looks great – some nice features – and it seems to be faster than the previous version. Also this blog is hosted as a SUSE Linux web […]

Another blogging restart

I’ve said it before – but hopefully there’s more to blog about again. Less confidential stuff; lots more around Private Cloud and datacenter transformation.

Picking up the blogging again

Firstly – it’s been too long without posting here. Lots of reasons, lots of excuses – mainly workload and not having anything public to blog about. Secondly – I’ve changes roles inside Microsoft – moving from Business Development (where nothing is public or bloggable) and into customer facing enterprise strategy. The role is a great […]

WordPress updates

I’ve not blogged about WordPress patches and updates for a while – I’ve been just that busy. This weekend another two patches – for 2.2.x and 2.0.x  So far so good – easy and clean updates. Worth an upgrade too – looking at the code changes there seems to be a lot of additional checking […]

Demos. When everything goes wrong..

I’ve been demoing ZENworks Configuration Management to partners across Europe for two weeks with no problems at all. Mainly running a live demo from my set of servers at home. It’s risky – I might have a power outage, WAN outage, local issues – but so far so good. I’ve also got a fully virtualised […]

Copfilter 0.84 beta 1

My IMAP patch got included in the latest update to Copfilter.   fix: fixes from various copfilter forum users (see the bugs section in the forum or CHANGELOG for the details), most important ones are mentioned below fix: fix in cron.daily (it could hang) – thx DaPinky fix: IMAP Buffer increase (it could hang) – […]

Blogging at Microsoft

Shel Israel writes: UK Microsoftie Darren Strange reports that Microsoft now has 4500 bloggers among its 71,000 employees.  Both numbers show significant growth.  As irecall, when Robert and I were writing our first chapter of naked Conversations there were 2500 bloggers among 56,000 employees.  By the time we finished the book in October 2005, the […]

The now never-ending WordPress mill

From the dev lists: The target release date for WordPress 2.2 is less than a month away, April 23rd. Phew. Patch and relax. Update and relax. Patch and relax. When Matt and the others from Automattic said they’d be stepping up the frequency of updates – I didn’t expect this 🙂 It’s good though. Lots […]


What does it mean? For those at BrainShare – take your camera; mail your pictures to me at [email protected]

Live from CeBIT

I am in Hannover for a couple of days; announcing a new product at CeBIT – the worlds largest IT and technology show. It is my first time here – and the scale is unimaginable. I was warned by colleagues about the traffic, the remote hotels and the expense – but until this morning I […]