An Inconvenient Truth – follow up

So finally we got to see "An Inconvenient Truth" - and it was stunning. A really well produced - but not slick and markety - and thought provoking film. Al Gore did a great job of presenting the arguments - and did so in a very humbling, personal way. A "must see" for everyone. Actually - I'll make that stronger - if you live in the developed world - and especially within the US - you must see this movie. Go with an open mind.

Photos, storms and night photography

I took some nice pictures last September of a massive storm over Draper.


I tried again last night – but the storm was too far away.

I did get some interesting long exposure shots – look at this 20 second exposure of an almost pitch black sky:

Black sky?

LDS Missionaries

LDS Missionaries

I’ve been travelling to Utah to work for about nine years now – first with Intel then with Novell; I’ve lived and worked in the state for nearly four years.

When I first visited one of my colleagues from the LANDesk team – a returned LDS missionary and LDS Bishop – told me that missionaries always wave if you sound your horn and wave when you drive past them.

That started a silly game. “Honking at Missionaries”. Don’t blame me. Blame a Bishop from Pleasant Grove, UT.

In the past nine years I’ve had fun honking at missionaries in Nottingham, London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester in the UK. Also in Auckland, New Zealand, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia – and in many places across the US.

Most fun is the high concentration in Utah itself. I always honk and wave; I’ve got a 100% hit rate on the return wave.

I’d be really interested to hear from any return-missionaries – is this part of the training at the MTC? Or are missionaries just ‘nice people’…

Disclaimer: I’m not LDS and this really was started by an LDS Bishop..

Starbucks in Utah


Utah is not exactly a hotbed of coffee drinkers and coffee lovers.. In fact with the LDS faith being predominant most coffee produced is downright dreadful.

A couple of exceptions – Coffee Garden at 9th and 9th in Salt Lake is consistently good; as is Juice n Java in Provo.

Starbucks is a reliable standard too; when we moved here four years ago there were three stores. Now there are dozens. We stopped by our newest local store tonight – on Highland Drive at about 7800 South.

Airport Wifi – closer to home

Salt Lake City International Airport has WiFi access – powered by Sprint.

It kinda sucks right now – it needs Internet Explorer to sign in. Firefox just barfs.

Recycle Utah

We joined Recycle Utah a month or so ago – supporting recycling locally.

We’ve now started composting again (a three year gap since we were in England), seperating recyclable glass and generally trying to cut down on the general trash we throw out.

I also signed up for the Utah Power green energy program – to power our web server farm.

Every little helps.

There was a thought provoking article in the Salt Lake Tribune today about this.

Green Card

Our application for permanant residence in the US has been approved; in short our Green Cards are in the post.

It’s taken eight months to process – from first paperwork filing to approval. Sounds like a long time – but this is one of the fastest processed applications I’ve known.

Woo! We’ll be celebrating this evening – this removes a lot of risk.