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Recycle Utah

We joined Recycle Utah a month or so ago – supporting recycling locally.

We’ve now started composting again (a three year gap since we were in England), seperating recyclable glass and generally trying to cut down on the general trash we throw out.

I also signed up for the Utah Power green energy program – to power our web server farm.

Every little helps.

There was a thought provoking article in the Salt Lake Tribune today about this.

Green Card

Our application for permanant residence in the US has been approved; in short our Green Cards are in the post.

It’s taken eight months to process – from first paperwork filing to approval. Sounds like a long time – but this is one of the fastest processed applications I’ve known.

Woo! We’ll be celebrating this evening – this removes a lot of risk.

Online selling – update


I’m glad I created a new gmail account for selling those sofas.

Within a week I’ve been inundated with spam and scam emails.

Most have not been from craigslist – but from another online ad we put on KSL – a local media company.

I wonder how the average consumer copes with this? I am naturally skeptical and wary of anyone offering to buy a sofa, sight unseen. If they are from the other side of the US – or even the world – then it’s just got to be bogus. Add to that the deluge of spam and viruses – it’s just not safe to be doing this anymore.

I will say that craigslist does have a good policy of providing an anonymous email address – that helps to reduce the instances of inbound spam. The local KSL site does several pretty bad things by default – it includes your name, phone number and real email address. Not helpful.


Most people have heard of eBay and others; craigslist still seems to still be a word-of-mouth secret.

We need to sell two large sofas.


Seems like craigslist is a good way to sell things like this – I’ve had some great feedback from friends and colleagues.

Here’s the link – if you’re interested I’ll certainly haggle on price 😉