Online selling – update


I’m glad I created a new gmail account for selling those sofas.

Within a week I’ve been inundated with spam and scam emails.

Most have not been from craigslist – but from another online ad we put on KSL – a local media company.

I wonder how the average consumer copes with this? I am naturally skeptical and wary of anyone offering to buy a sofa, sight unseen. If they are from the other side of the US – or even the world – then it’s just got to be bogus. Add to that the deluge of spam and viruses – it’s just not safe to be doing this anymore.

I will say that craigslist does have a good policy of providing an anonymous email address – that helps to reduce the instances of inbound spam. The local KSL site does several pretty bad things by default – it includes your name, phone number and real email address. Not helpful.


Most people have heard of eBay and others; craigslist still seems to still be a word-of-mouth secret.

We need to sell two large sofas.


Seems like craigslist is a good way to sell things like this – I’ve had some great feedback from friends and colleagues.

Here’s the link – if you’re interested I’ll certainly haggle on price ๐Ÿ˜‰

Brokeback Mountain and Utah

Being on the road meant I missed this one.

… the R-rated Western gay romance “Brokeback Mountain” – had been pulled from screens at the MegaPlex 17 at Jordan Commons. Management at the MegaPlex 17 decided late Thursday afternoon not to open “Brokeback Mountain” on Friday as scheduled.

Full details here and here

No reasons given. Any guesses ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ski boots

Sigh – I’ve been looking for ski boots again – and nothing fits.

I’ve tried rentals before – and I’ve always had a really painful few hours with cold, cramped, uncomfortable toes. I’ve tried buying – and nothing seems to work for me.

If anyone knows of any good Utah based ski boot shops that will fit to strange, large feet and calves – let me know!

Clean Server Power

Not UPS and filtered power – more the generation.

I’ve just signed up with Utah Power for their Blue Sky program.

I join 12,000 other Utah customers – including businesses like Uinta brewing. Sounds good to me ๐Ÿ™‚

[Edit – I made a 80×15 button for this: Wind Powered!]

Slow blogging week

It’s been slow blogging this last week or so – it is the end of the fiscal year at Novell – and that’s been taking up a lot of my time.

There is fresh snow on the mountains – and it is freezing overnight in Utah – I’ll get some photos of the snow posted later today.


Petrichor – the smell of rain.

A series of massive lightning storms over the valley this evening – I even captured some pictures:



[update – 8 second exposure, tripod mounted digital camera]

Hoax or just sad?

I saw this on The Register this morning. The local interest (Utah woman gets $15k for tattoo on face) angle was interesting – but I thought “no one could be that crazy”.

The local Deseret News ran the story – and it all seems genuine enough.

Hunting around – and it looks like it may be a fake:

“However, the lack of blood or bloody tissue, redness or swelling … makes me still seriously doubt this is real.”

(near)-Organic food boxes

Last year we took part in Community Supported Agriculture – CSA – in Utah. Just before we left for Europe it was time for renewal – for this years weekly box of delights.

We work with East Farms CSA – they were mentioned in the Salt Lake Tribune a while ago.

It was an interesting summer and autumn – lots of new vegetables; some real treats (fresh cherries!), some great fresh salad greens and lots and lots and lots of squash. What do you do with them?

In my week of solitude away from the net I read this article in The Guardian on a similar sounding commercial service being offering in London – from Abel & Cole. Funny how organic farming has the same issue worldwide – you only sell what’s in season.

We also visited the Center for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth. Think again about the food you buy – how far has it travelled; how much impact did it’s transportation have? And that’s before you think about the food itself.