BrainShare 2007

Six months to BrainShare 2007 – and we’re working on proposed sessions.

The big thing is the Next Generation of ZENworks – I’ve blogged about that before.

I am proposing four sessions – co-presenting with Mark Schouls:

  • ZENworks: Live Migration from ZENworks 7 to Next Generation
  • ZENworks: Next Generation in an all Windows environment
  • ZENworks: Next Generation and the Vista lifecycle
  • ZENworks: Next Generation. Architecture, Planning and Migration


BrainShare 2006

BrainShare is over for another year.

I’m sitting having a beer with Alan Murray and listening to goth and alternative music at Murphy’s Bar in Salt Lake City. A fine way to wind down.

Written at: Murphy’s Bar, Salt Lake City, UT

ZENworks and end-point security

A couple of announcements that may have slipped under the radar – two security partnerships at BrainShare:

SecureWave – providing removable device lockdown and security, application white and blacklisting – all tied in to Novell Identity
Third Brigade – providing a smart, small, host based intrusion detection system.

Press here from Third Brigade. I’ll add SecureWave when it hits the wire.

Novell BrainShare 2006 – Day 2

Day 2 (for me) of BrainShare 2006.

Today has been pretty intense – listening to the keynote while testing our session; then session presentation; then an afternoon of Press events.

Tonight it’s a private event in the Technology Lab for Novell’s financial and industry analysts; a handful of us are presenting ZENworks and Identity solutions.

I’m tired. Still to go – rehearsal and prep for tomorrows analyst summit.

Written at: BrainShare 2006, Salt Lake City, UT

Novell BrainShare 2006 – Day 1

Today was an analyst day.

I went to the spa with a group – the ones who didn’t want to ski or snowmobile – and talked about Novell and the IT landscape. Yes – I had a pedicure – my feet are now lovely 😉

In the evening was an analyst dinner; my usual challenge at BrainShare is eating somewhat healthily and not gaining a dozen pounds!

BrainShare 2006

I’m now in downtown Salt Lake City for the week of BrainShare. It’s raining – but the BrainShare banners are everywhere, attendees are starting to arrive, hotels are full (or even overbooked!) and already there is a definate buzz building.

I’ve been down to the Technology Lab already; dropped off my demo servers for the keynotes; checked everything looks ok.

Tonight is a catchup with the team; tomorrow is an all day analyst event. I’m off to the spa 🙂


Mark Schouls sent me a link to this Tshirt site; I don’t know whether to be worried by this…

Someone in Germany (or maybe Austria/Switzerland) is either surprisingly supportive of the Evil ZEN Scientist concept.. or I have a doppelganger. (I hope it’s not a stalker!)

Reminds me of my good friend Jerry Chadwick – who used to be the engineering manager for Novell Application Launcher. He had ‘NAL groupies’ who would follow him around at BrainShare – even into the restroom. 🙂

Written at: London Heathrow Airport, England

Novell Cool Blogs – hopefully the final update

We’re in the home straight; final testing for the new Novell Cool Blogs.

I’ve been hitting the test system hard in the last week – making suggestions to the Novell team that are making this happen. There are two main updates – the plan is now to use WordPress for the blog infrastucture; second launch is due ‘next week’.

The internal test system looks really great; all Novell branded and look and feel – but with live blog content. All of your favourite features should be there – comments, trackback, pings – as well as some unique blog posts from Novell’s strongest personalities.

I’ll leave it until announcement time so as not to spoil the surprise – but watch out – this is going to be big!

Special kudos to Mr Jared Nyland from Novell’s web team; he’s been awesome.

BrainShare 2006

More updates on BrainShare 2006.

I am in Provo, UT all week – working with Mark Schouls – on our BrainShare session and demo:

Session Title: ZENworks Design, and the Lifecycle Management Framework
Length: 2 Hours
Level: Advanced
Abstract: Over the past number of years Novell has presented the ZENworks Lifecycle Management diagram in many of the ZENworks related sessions. This session will focus squarly on how to design a rock solid ZENworks infrastructure and put lifecycle management into practice. Join this session to learn how to fully leverage your ZENworks architecture, take advantage of best practices, and see a live lifecycle management demonstration. This session is a combination of both theory and live demonstration.
Speaker: Mark Schouls

ZENworks Product Manager
Novell, Inc.

Martin Buckley

Director of Product Management – Resource Management
Novell, Inc.

Should be good fun. We’re working on the ‘minimal slides, maximum demo’ approach.

So far I am documenting how to build a successful ZENworks demo/workshop/lab – I will get that posted to the (soon to be launched) Novell Cool Blogs community.

The summary of the session describes the life of an employee – presented in a two hour session. From day zero (hire) to when the employee leaves for pastures new – the session and demo will describe how ZENworks, Novell Identity Manager and other solutions can control the lifecycle of the user and their hardware.

I’ll post more in the next week or so – but I’m saving the bulk of the information for the new Cool Blogs!