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100 days of ZENworks – Windows only management

I’m in Singapore at the Asia Pacific Partner Academy; we are training partners on the forthcoming ‘ZENworks Pulsar’ release. It’s just gone beta 1.

One question that came up:

How do I integrate ZENworks 7 with Active Directory?

Well – here are the links.

Here is a really cool article from Novell Connection Magazine; it’s from December 2004 and refers to ZENworks 6.5 – but the concepts are valid today.

Also take a look at the Novell Wiki.

Here is how to integrate the ZENworks Middle Tier with a Layer 4 switch; here are the Middle Tier Best Practices.

There have also been several BrainShare sessions on Windows only management. I’ll try and find the links to presentations.

Tweaking Collanos Workplace

I’ve blogged about Collanos before.

I’ve had to tweak the client to make best use of bandwidth. I’m finding that because most of my team are on pretty fast connections – fast DSL, fast LAN – the default settings are too conservative.

I suggested to the Collanos people that they have a ‘I have infinite bandwidth’ setting.

Here are my two settings that I changed.

Under Tools – Preferences, select Connections. Select Individual and click Apply.

Next click on Advanced Bandwidth Settings and bump up the upload and download speeds; also set the upload and download to use more threads.