BrainShare 2007

Six months to BrainShare 2007 – and we’re working on proposed sessions. The big thing is the Next Generation of ZENworks – I’ve blogged about that before. I am proposing four sessions – co-presenting with Mark Schouls: ZENworks: Live Migration from ZENworks 7 to Next Generation ZENworks: Next Generation in an all Windows environment ZENworks: […]

Collanos update

I’ve been using the Collanos Workplace for a few weeks now – and it’s frustrating and promising at the same time. The beta is currently at version – so things are moving forward; however there are still fundamental problems with the basic functionality. I’m seeing that sync of data and workspaces is really hit […]

Browser shares

Three different blogs; three different audiences; three different browser market shares: From – a tech blog, visited by technical people. 69% Firefox. From a scout web site that I run. 59% Internet Explorer From my family blog – most of my extended family have Firefox. Interesting.

Novell Open Audio moves to WordPress

Another Novell blog/content site moves across to WordPress. Novell Open Audio should be going live today with new content running from WordPress rather than a proprietry content management system.

ZENworks for Networks

– So I got inundated with email from inside and outside Novell when I posted that ‘ZENworks for Networks’ was still available for download. For those that don’t have long memories – ZENworks for Networks was released in 2000 as a directory enabled Quality of Service and Firewall solution. Part of it was from a […]