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COVID – week 80 – September 20 – September 26

Wednesday – many of the protections from the last 18 months are being unwound; eviction protection, furlough, quarantine pay. In the UK – UK Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, tells MPs that most transmission is currently in children: “There is definitely substantial transmission happening in this age group.”

Tuesday – super local – bunch of Issaquah High School kids positive, and spread at a football game. Waiting for these numbers to grow quickly – and then what? Back to distance learning? Data from ISD Covid Dashboard.


Monday – “Pfizer vaccine safe for kids 5-11” – emergency use authorisation soon, close followed by 6mo – 5. US to allow vaccinated non-citizens from UK and EU to visit from November

This time last year – the start of another wave in Europe; bleach as cure for Covid

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COVID – week 75 – August 16 – August 22

Weekend – Still huge numbers of cases in the UK; >30k per day. Graph from The Guardian.


Locally – over two weeks of >3000 cases; hospitals are filling. The death rate is still relatively stable.

Good write up from The Seattle Times on “ZIP code hesitancy” – echoes previous notes here.


Friday – After last years UV light, bleach and then hydroxychloroquine; now we hear of Ivermectin (used to control stock parasites) being taken. 70% of recent calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center are regarding Ivermectin poisoning.

Thursday – Local hospitals are full; mainly with younger, non vaccinated patients. From Portland, OR where there is a city-wide ambulance triage and rotation in place.

Wednesday – Delta variant is spreading in NSW, Australia; case numbers are low – but after 18 months of strict border control and late vaccinations – there’s a real risk.

Tuesday – UK numbers are still high. NZ reports first case in months. Strong lockdown has high approval in NZ.

Monday – Florida, Texas – cases, mask mandates, politics, schools and full hospitals.

This time last year – news of vaccine trials, mutations, folk rushing back from vacation to avoid lockdown.

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COVID – week 74 – August 9 – August 15

Weekend – King County is exploding with new cases. Data from King County Health: Key indicators of COVID-19 activity – King County Incidence rates are about where they were in November, before the vaccines. The overwhelming majority of these cases are in unvaccinated people.

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There are areas (Mercer Island, Issaquah, Sammamish, Redmond, Kirkland, parts of Seattle) with vaccination completion at >90%. The majority of the county is at >70%. There are some very specific outliers in South King County and the more rural parts. There is strong evidence showing this is both via race/ethnicity; as well as political allegiance.


Friday – Away from the PNW for a moment – and Delta driven cases are surging everywhere. UK, France, Japan, Thailand. The huge concern is a new variant being vaccine resistant; I’ve written about this for over a year. Lambda variant, first detected in Peru, looks to be of concern. Still flagged as a Variant of Interest; if not this one – then soon.

Thursday – Covid test results back – negative (phew!).


Wednesday – There is a surge in Covid cases in King County – and there are no appointments to be had for days. Eventually went to the UW/Bellevue drive through testing without an appointment, and got tested. Very busy.

Tuesday – Notified by the WA Notify app that I was potentially exposed to Covid. Concerning because working from home, carefully masking when out, avoiding crowds – and still someone was within 6 feet/2m for >15 minutes; and tested positive.


Monday – Delta surge, back to school and already we have children sick and dying in the US. Delta related cases and deaths soar across the globe – Philippines, Iran, Europe. IPCC report on Climate Change bumps Covid from the headlines.

This time last year – UK quarantine chaos (nothing changes), work from home “for at least six months”.

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COVID – week 73 – August 2 – August 8

Weekend- large rush for Covid tests reported in WA; and the cases are really skyrocketing. Push to vaccinate Latino population across Washington. More and more anti-vaccine, Covid-hoaxers are dying.

Friday – Amazon pushes any return to office to January 2022. That’s almost two years! Long list of Seattle area bars/restaurants now requiring vaccination or negative test.

Thursday – UK cases are back at 30k/day. France looks to be approving a nation wide vaccination passport.


Wednesday – “visitors to the US may require vaccination”

Tuesday – multiple Seattle areas companies – including Microsoft – will require vaccination for return to office.

Monday – 70% of US Adults have now received 1 or more vaccines. There is a rush for both testing and for vaccinations as Delta hits hard in the US South

This time last year – all over by “early summer [of 2020] changes to early 2021”.

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COVID – week 72 – July 26 – August 1

Weekend – The Seattle Times seems to be cutting back on daily updates; the graphic (below) is now updated a few times per week; and for the second week no Sunday summaries. Here in Seattle bars and restaurants are starting to self-impose “vaccination required” to enter. Florida and Texas continue to see record cases. Fauci warns “things will get worse”.

Friday – this seems very similar to last summer; except that the new outbreaks and deaths are all in the non-vaccinated parts of the country.

Thursday – US Eviction ban ends this weekend. 6.4M Americans are late on rent payments.

Wednesday – Tokyo cases at all time high. Olympic Games still progressing with few new cases. Israel approves Pfizer vaccine for some children 5-11. Mask mandates returning across the US.

Tuesday – much discussion of State and Federal worker mandated vaccination.

Monday – UK cases from Delta variant; look to be a sharp peak; rapid rise, rapid fall.

This time last year – after five months the rhythm of daily updates was set. US cases flattening. Initial fiscal impact of COVID >$320BN.

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