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Week 29 – 21 Sep – 27 Sep

Weekend – a quarter of the UK under new lockdowns. R >1 and the numbers are really alarming again. Continued protests globally about masks and restrictions.

R number estimates in nations and regions

Usual data from The Seattle Times. Small uptick in cases last week.

Friday – “1 in 500 in UK has Covid”

Thursday – coronavirus continues to mutate, become more transmissible. France, Spain, Portugal – record rise. 5% increases since last week across TX and much of mid-west US. Increasingly become a rural virus.

Wednesday – Second wave continues to sweep Europe. UK political fallout around unclear advice.

Tuesday – Flu vaccine awareness needed in the US. Looks like the BBC daily summary is back.

Monday – UK told to prepare for “50,000 new cases per day”, Boots pausing flu shots for under 65s. US around 200k deaths. WA State cases are dropping. Bleach being sold on Amazon again as cure for Covid.

The Seattle Times The Guardian BBC
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COVID work from home – week 21 – 27 July – 2 Aug

Weekend – Russia planning mass vaccinations. FA Cup with no crowd. Hong Kong delays elections. India as the newest hotspot. European cases continue to pick up. Looks like a second wave is really rolling in now across Europe.

A fresh look for the data from The Seattle Times; maybe six months of data needs it. The 14 day average death rate has picked up; cases are still climbing.

Friday – UK pauses coming out of lockdown/quarantine. 300k new cases globally today. UK beaches are “packed” – look for another bump in numbers from this mid-August. Good read on numbers in Europe.

Thursday – almost 4.5MM US cases; 152k deaths. I know more and more people who have “had” COVID-19 and are completely wiped out afterwards. Staying home, staying safe. England worst excess deaths in Europe between Feb – June. Shocking. Spain heading back to lockdown. US economy crashed 32% in Q2.

Wednesday – WA State positive cases still running >5%; target is 2% which shows measures are working. Graphic from The Seattle Times.


Tuesday – US daily cases – as reported by JHU dashboard – seems to have flattened. Whether this is because cases have flattened, or a result of the changes in reporting (CDC to HHS) remains to be seen. Pandemic economic costs are vast – including $320B for tourism alone. I do wonder what will be left after this. Spain, Iran, Italy – all reporting renewed surge of cases.


Monday – heading into August this week. US is still struggling with 4.2M cases; almost 150k deaths. Good “how to control it” thread from Andy Slavitt – unpopular, political U turns, acknowledgement and humility that it’s not a hoax. I don’t see any of this happening. WHO: ‘most severe health emergency WHO has faced’. New travel restrictions in Europe. More positive cases in the White House.

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COVID work from home – week 19 – 13 July – 19 July

Weekend – the usual look at the ever more bleak numbers. This does feel like a slow roll to millions of deaths in the US.

US daily cases; via JHU. Surely on the path to 100k per day by month end. Lack of strong policy on mask wearing, distancing and healthcare will make this become a reality. This is WA, NY, NJ played out large four months later.

The Seattle Times- rolling average new cases is now way higher than March/April – so the Governor is having to roll back reopening. I’m planning for no school, no in-office work until at least the new year.

Friday – UK looks at “significant normality by Christmas”, US has record 77.3k new cases, GA Gov v Atlanta major legal action over masks. Restrictions returning to WA state as cases continue to creep upwards; more new cases now than back in March/April.

Thursday – WA DOH changing the counting mechanism again. Back to school is going to be a real issue, really soon. Health, safety, funding – and possible labour cuts (no buses, no schools – what to do with bus drivers and custodians?). What is a hybrid model? K-2 in school?

Wednesday – Fauci is an honourable man. Work from home until 2021 is likely.

Tuesday – masks required in UK shops. WA COVID death reporting via the state is broken again. Lockdown returns around the world. Second wave? Continued first wave? Unknown what September brings for return to school – quarantining teachers on every positive case amongst pupils would remove the workforce within a week.

Monday – back in March I had thoughts that this would be through the spring; looking at Wuhan and Italy, then New York, then New Zealand – it seemed like the coronavirus could be contained and a planful return to work sometime in the summer.

Where we are today, in both WA state and across the US, is anything but contained. Local hotspots in Yakima County, national runaway cases across many, many states who opened early.

Without national leadership, and some selfless actions to distance, wear masks and quarantine – the US is going to be isolated and work from home for another six months minimum.

The Seattle Times BBC The Guardian
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COVID work from home – week 14 – 8 June – 14 June

Weekend – Second wave stories everywhere – US states, Beijing, UK.

UK death rate slowing quickly. Latin America growth; Brazil as epicenter.

Seattle Times data for the week.

Friday – UK GDP shrank by 20% in April. Lots of discussion about the steps needed to “be in the office” to get a task done – VP approval, limited ingress and egress routes, security notification, masks required.

Thursday – the news cycle slowly pivots back to coronavirus. US at more than 2 million positive cases. Contact tracing not working well in the UK – third of positive cases missed.

Wednesday – UK needs planning for return to school in September. Work is looking at “next year” for return.

Another reminder on searching for specific day coronavirus coverage:
The Guardian:

BBC News: and “As it happened”

Tuesday – Somehow my post from this day got deleted – rewrite time. Lots of examples of “early reopening” causing a huge uptick in positive coronavirus cases.


Monday – yes, this is week 14. We will be at day 100.

As we approach the end of the school year (in the Northern hemisphere at least) – eyes are looking forward to school and university return. Still unknown what any of that really looks like.

Good news: Berlin, Paris, Dublin reopening. UK reports lowest coronavirus death toll since 22 March.

Bad news: More reports of moving average positive cases ticking up across multiple US states.

It looks like The Seattle Times have stopped with their live local updates page for coronavirus. I’m not surprised – the massive protests across Seattle have drained their newsroom.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

The Seattle Times BBC TheGuardian
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COVID work from home – week 9 – 4 May – 10 May

Weekend – it’s been weeks since I tracked the WA coronavirus numbers – mainly because there are great websites tracking the data, secondarily because the data reporting and metrics were so broken in early/mid-April.

Here’s the current (9 May) numbers from The Seattle Times. Curve of reported cases peaked in early April, about 10 days later for the reported death rate. The baseline is still quite high. I hope the weekend (sunny, warm, lifted restrictions, Mothers’ Day) doesn’t lead to an explosion of new cases in 2 weeks time.

Friday – 75th anniversary of VE Day, muted celebrations in UK. Coronavirus positive tests in White House staff.

Thursday – WA State is slowly opening back up. Traffic is increasing. Almost 15% unemployment rate in the US. Truly staggering.

Wednesday – another long day. Work, calls, lunch, calls, dinner, running Zoom call for the local Dems. Looks like online meetings are going to be a thing throughout the summer at least.

Tuesday – 250k deaths globally. US is arguing around models, lockdown and what next. French re-testing shows a positive COVID-19 test in late December.

Monday – I added the weeks. This is Week 9 of working from home, social distancing and isolation.

The daily routine is pretty similar for the work week; get up, coffee, breakfast, talk to the kids. They do school work (Teams, writing, exam prep) and I work in my office. I run a daily team stand up at 0930 daily which is informal scrum-like: what did you do last, what are you doing today, what do you need help on. Communications is a tad scattered with email, Skype for Business (yes, old), Slack and TFS/ADO comments. I’ve been trying to do informal “tune of the day” in a non-work, social Slack channel for about 8 weeks. Friday afternoon is voluntary team Happy Hour, turn up in Slack with video and a beverage.

I’ve noted that the informal drive-by questions have all turned into 30 minute calls. It’s back-to-back calls most days – so there’s some discipline needed to block out time.

Local and global coverage for future reference.

The Seattle Times BBC The Guardian
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